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Interdisciplinary specialist know-how

Maritime Engineering and Ports

Maritime Engineering and Ports

Integrated designs

Water is essential to life and is intensively used for many purposes. All around the world, we work on the construction and renovation of hydraulic and maritime structures, on the implementation of floodwater and coastal protection measures, and on river engineering projects. Taking a holistic approach, we plan and design ports, terminals and shipyards, including the equipment required for their operation – such as the required mechanical, drive and control plant and the appropriate data collection and transmission equipment.

Range of Services

Seaports and inland ports Ferry terminals and shipyards Flood prevention and coastal protection measures Locks and inland waterways Marinas and piers Transshipment centres and wharfs Nature-oriented maritime engineering Structural inspections according to DIN 1076

Considering the catastrophic impacts that flooding can have on people’s safety and their homes, landscapes and residential areas must be planned and designed to minimise such impacts. This requires the interdependence between a system’s individual elements to be considered and evaluated when designing flood protection facilities.


Christian Komla Esser Managing Director, Togo
Taming the forces of storm surges
Confronting climate change

Taming the forces of storm surges

Rising sea levels, increasingly intense storms and precipitation, and the construction of valuable assets near rivers, lakes and oceans demand improved flood prevention and coastal protection. This requires the use of simulation tests and numerical modelling, which enhance confidence in the designed solutions and serve as a basis for the development of protection strategies.