"Our civil engineers are well qualified to manage their construction sites thanks to their broad technical competence and their interdisciplinary knowledge."

Baierbrunn hydroelectric power plant

This new plant has been constructed to be “barrier free” for aquatic lifeforms.

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Project and construction management

Process-oriented thinking 

With the wide-ranging expertise of a General Planner, we manage the key competencies of all involved parties, thus ensuring that the project proceeds in a reliable and future-proof way and will be completed within the anticipated timescale and budget. Sound methodologies, critical analyses, systematic risk management and facilitation of partners’ needs are the keys to project success.

By proactively managing planning and construction processes, we pointedly prevent disruptions to the project’s programme. Targeted use of a specially developed quality gate approach enables us to ensure that the required quality is achieved in all project stages. In keeping with our company’s general profile, we designate only experienced specialists from the various applicable fields to dedicatedly manage or supervise your project. We will appoint a competent contact person for your project, who will provide you, whenever required, with an overview of all complex project processes and any necessary decision-making aids.

Project management

Tendering and awarding of contracts

Site management 

Site supervision 

Railway construction supervision (drive systems, construction engineering, control and safety systems)

Project support


Cost and schedule management

Construction and contract law

Construction cost analyses 

Claims management

Safety and health coordination