“We look back with pride at a history that, on the one hand, is characterised by continuity and tradition, and on the other, by change and a steady focus on the future.”


Acting responsibly

Deep water port Lomé


Only by changing do we remain true to ourselves

Characteristic of the company’s history are the changing times during which it unfolded and the extraordinary characters that shaped it. The firms Prof. Dr. Lackner & Partner GmbH (1936) and Inros Planungsgesellschaft mbH (1950) constituted the company’s two main pillars. Their merger, together with the other engineering offices of the Inros Group, resulted in the establishment of Inros Lackner AG in 2004. Extensive experience and capabilities, together under one roof.

The history of the company is characterised by periods of great change, shaped by war, reconstruction, reunification, globalisation and technological developments. All of these events continue to shape our company to this day, in various ways. New beginnings require us to deal with the past in a responsible way, while fast-paced technical and social developments demand that we constantly look to the future – not least, in order to fulfil our responsibilities to our clients and our employees.

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