"In being widely used for transportation, water is a driver of economic growth."

Port Operation/Logistics

Efficient transportation solutions and goods handling facilities 

The predicted increasing demand for transportation of people and goods must be catered for by future-oriented port policies and the ongoing development of ports as logistical service centres. In order to meet the associated logistics and transportation needs, we develop efficient solutions for steadily evolving port infrastructures and facilities.

In addition to the planning of new port development and logistics concepts, we also offer consultancy services in relation to the adaptation of existing facilities to meet changing needs.  Based on traffic volumes, trends in shipbuilding and a host of further parameters, the required quay lengths, water depths, channel widths, port areas and equipment characteristics are determined.

Service spectrum

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Marketing concepts and reorganisation studies
  • Master plans
  • Operating studies
  • Port development plans
  • Simulation of logistics processes and consulting services
  • Traffic forecasts