"Infrastructural development transforms areas – from undeveloped properties into ones which are only then suitable for building on, or from previously developed properties into more economically viable commercial locations."

Civil engineering

Components of an infrastructure development project

Residential and commercial areas must be adequately supplied with water, energy and heat, and wastewater must be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. Our civil engineers address such important needs by the integrated planning and design of all required ducting and pipework, and of other measures such as surface drainage and site preparation.

We offer a wide range of services, from land use planning through site development design to rehabilitation of existing systems. The sustainable use of resources and the implementation (where applicable) of the European Union’s Water Framework Directive are focal points of our engineering services.

  • General drainage concepts
  • Implementation of the EU’s Water Framework Directive
  • Layout and pipework / ducting plans
  • Hydraulic network calculations and simulations
  • Creation and maintenance of pipework / ducting databases
  • Technical assistance in relation to land use planning
  • Rehabilitation concepts for complex situations and systems
  • Coordination of external specialist designers and utility companies

Service spectrum

  • Excavation pit lining
  • Infrastructural development
  • Rehabilitation of sewage systems
  • Pipeline construction
  • Heavy-duty areas
  • Special foundations
  • Water supply and drainage systems