Key data

  • Client: bremenports GmbH & Co. KG
  • Planning: 2002 - 2006
  • Construction: 2007 - 2011
  • Scope of planning:

    Project planning and structural design for the full length
    Soil investigation programme
    Relocation of existing flood protection dyke
    Connecting road planning and design
    Feasibility study
    Concept development
    Evaluation and comparison of alternatives
    Cost estimate
    Preliminary design
    Design development
    Assistance in contract award
    Technical consulting during the construction phase
    Review of documentation

Kaiserschleuse, Bremerhaven
Neubau für größere Schiffsabmessungen

It was the biggest project of its kind in Europe. A new lock was constructed to replace the Kaiser Lock, the construction of which was completed in 1897 and which together with the North Lock provides access to the international port of Bremerhaven. The lock dimensions of the old Kaiser Lock were too small for today’s modern car freighters, so these had to take a detour via the North Lock on their way to the appropriate dock – and the North Lock already had enough traffic to deal with. The new lock was constructed at the same location as the old one, with a sufficient width of 55 m and a length of approximately 305 m.

The lock chamber was constructed using steel sheet piling with base protection, and, as part of the flood protection line, has a double locking safety feature. Sliding gates serve as a road crossing, and a culvert is used to route crossing cables and pipework. Together with the lock, the approach including the towboat area is also being renovated. Working together with WTM Engineers and Maierform Maritime Technology, Inros Lackner provided planning and design services for the preliminary design stage. The construction contract was awarded by means of a competitive dialogue procedure.

Aerial picture: ©bremenports

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