“We aim at promoting the potential of young professionals and at preparing them for the management of major projects.” 

Combined work and study

Smooth transition from school to working life

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Starting a new career

Make the transition from student to working professional with us!

We offer graduates a direct entry into their new career, and individual support from experienced colleagues. A diverse range of assignments in unique projects is waiting for you. 

As a General Planner, we are looking for graduates of various disciplines, ideally with first practical experience - either national or international. A passionate and committed approach to work, and the right amount of courage and conviction, are very important to us. If you have language skills and a willingness to work abroad, so much the better – then you can become part of the Inros Lackner Team in a dynamic and international environment.

Would you like to join our team? Take a look at our current vacancies or apply proactively to : personalabteilung@inros-lackner.de

Qualified employees are our number one success factor.

With BIM from university to career

After studying at Leibniz University in Hanover, Germany, Tim-Ole Wilhelm immediately joined Inros Lackner as a project engineer. BIM was the topic of his Master‘s thesis.

“More BIM is used in practice than I thought possible during my studies. The theoretical knowledge about BIM and the software skills gained at the university are very helpful in my everyday project work. During my studies I considered some BIM concepts to be very remote, but now I see that they are already being widely used at Inros Lackner. In addition to the BIM modelling that is part of my everyday work, I also carry out collision and model tests and create 4D construction sequence simulations. In this work I use almost the same programs that I learned to use in university. With the desire to work with BIM in my professional life, I found just the right employer by joining Inros Lackner.”