Postgraduate studies ForWind Academy


Targeted and sustainable promotion of our employees is a main aspect of our company’s mission. Hence they are our innovative power. Their know-how, curiosity and determination to find constructive solutions for ever new tasks enable us to successfully complete manifold projects. We offer a broad educational programme for technical and personal development (further training programme). It contains individualised trainings, special events for project engineers and managers and also management training for junior staff.

In order to combine latest technical developments from universities with practical knowledge from the successful realisation of most diverse projects, a good balance between first-time employees / young professionals and experienced engineers is very important to us. This approach leads to high-quality results in daily cooperation and clearly reflects our objective in terms of quality assurance policies.    

“I like to compare the extension of know-how to agriculture: The farmer fertilizes his fields in order to raise the crop.“ 

 Go to the interview with Tim Brunert about his on-the-job studies. 


“What we have achieved so far shows me that we are on the right track. We further build on this. The focus of our work now is to strengthen our market position as a general planner.“ 

Ingo Aschmann, Managing Director