Inspection dates in the planning process


Quality assurance during the planning process

Projects are becoming ever more complex, and must address increasing demands in relation to project management and approval processes – a development that we integrate into our quality management system in order to remain a reliable partner to our clients in the future.

Since 1996, we have developed a quality management system according to ISO 9001-2015, which is both process- and client-oriented. Quality Gates play a key role in our delivery of construction planning and design services, in all project phases, in satisfying all of a client’s technical, economical and schedule objectives. They serve to structure and check complex working and value chain processes. Checklists with responsibility and checking criteria are created, which define what items must be satisfied at the beginning of a project, during the project, and at the project’s completion.

Our comprehensive quality management system is based on systematic, direct communication with the client. Projects are made more “robust” by the early recognition of internal and external risks and by proactively taking appropriate actions.