PhD and engineering job all at once

Online defence with reviewer Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hartmut Eckstädt, online from Rostock

From traineeship to master thesis

PhD and engineering job all at once

Dr. Bashar Ismael has come an impressive journey. While he was finishing high school in his native Syria, a dam broke in the neighbouring town, with devastating consequences. Villages were destroyed, there were numerous casualties and thousands of people were suddenly left homeless.

This drastic event prompted him to enrol for a degree in hydraulic engineering. After five years at Tischrin University in Latakia, he completed a German course and advanced his studies at the Technical University of Dresden. While attending a hydraulic engineering congress in Dresden, he became acquainted with Inros Lackner.

Now a project engineer, he has been working since 2019 in hydraulic engineering at our Dresden location where, in addition to his normal day-to-day work, he conducted additional research into the transport of fluids and solids in pipe systems and pumping stations. He successfully completed his doctorate on this topic in 2020.

What he particularly loves about his work is the interesting, challenging projects and the cross-location collaboration.