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Baierbrunn hydroelectric power plant
This new plant has been constructed to be “barrier free” for aquatic lifeforms.

Currently, 15% of Bavaria’s power is generated from hydroelectric sources, and there is potential to increase this contribution, as long as the needs of the natural environment are considered. At the Isar Weir in Baierbrunn, in the course of a project to enhance the facility’s ecological passability, a fishway and a power plant have been constructed by Wasserkraft Baierbrunn GmbH (WKB), together with Bayerische Landeskraftwerke GmbH and Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH.

The fishway consists of a gravelly ramp with a shallow-water channel. It enables fish to swim upstream, past the hydroelectric power plant, to spawn. The wide ramp offers the fish all the comfort they need. The power plant is located between the existing weir and the new ramp. Inros Lackner was pleased to participate in this project, monitoring the construction work and the ecological measures.

Further information is available in this video by BR Abendschau:

Photo left: © Bau+Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbh