Key data

  • Client: Mongla Port Authority
  • Planning: 2019 - 2021
  • Construction: 2021 - 2040 (Master Plan)
  • Scope of planning:

    Traffic projections

    Hydraulic assessments

    Environmental studies

    Survey and evaluation of existing infrastructure and intermodal connections

    Port development plan / Strategic master plan

Mongla Port, Bangladesh
Strategic Master Plan

Mongla’s international port is the second largest seaport in Bangladesh. It is located in the southwestern part of the country, about 71 nautical miles upstream from the Bay of Bengal.

A number of infrastructure development projects in the vicinity, or with a direct connection to the port, are anticipated to lead to a significant increase in the need for cargo handling at Mongla. These include, for example, the construction of a railway link to the regional economic centre of Khulna; the building of a new airport; the commissioning of a coal-fired power station in Rampal; and the completion of the Padma Bridge, which will considerably reduce the distance by road and rail between Mongla and the capital, Dhaka.

On behalf of the Mongla Port Authority and the Ministry of Shipping, Inros Lackner has brought together the future development options for the port in a Master Plan, considering the above-mentioned infrastructure projects and the economic development of the entire region.

A particular challenge is posed by the limited water depth of the access channel. Ships with a maximum draft of 9.0 m can only enter the port at high tide. Maintaining this water depth, and the execution of further river deepening as planned, require extensive dredging work.

The aim of the Port Authority is to enhance the economic significance of the port – also in comparison to other ports in the region – and to increase the handling of goods, especially of containers.

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