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A few weeks before my school-leaving exams in 2015, I got to know Inros Lackner at a guest lecture at my school in Rostock. Company director, Ingo Aschmann, spoke there about the engineering profession and the possibility of combining the required study with practical work experience. I was immediately interested, and applied for a three-week internship in the field of structural engineering at Inros Lackner. I completed the internship before finishing my school-leaving exams, and the insights I gained strengthened my desire to become an engineer. I then commenced a “dual study” programme, combining studying for my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at Wismar University with practical work experience within the company. I then continued on the same path, with a focus on structural engineering, and was awarded my master’s degree from the same university in 2021. The practical experience I gained throughout my studies enabled me to make a smooth transition to my future working life at Inros Lackner. I knew the company’s internal processes, and already during my studies I learned a lot about the practical application of CAD and engineering design software. And I could always rely on the support of my colleagues – not least when supervising my bachelor's thesis and my master's thesis in the field of reinforced concrete and timber construction.

I am now a member of Inros Lackner’s structural design team in the company’s Rostock office, where I also participate in development workshops for the Complex Buildings department and contribute, as an internal trainer, to our "physically active breaktimes" initiative.

Philipp Thoms, Rostock