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Laying of the foundation stone for a residential building ensemble
General planning services for a development in Rostock

In the Evershagen district of the City of Rostock, a number of buildings are being constructed on an area of around 12,500 m². The building ensemble includes a high-rise residential building with commercial premises as well as four apartment buildings and a multi-storey car park. It is currently the largest contiguous new construction project of the housing association WG Schifffahrt-Hafen. Inros Lackner is supporting the project in the role of General Planner.

The new residential development is located between busy streets, a quiet green space, sports and recreation areas and the neighbourhood’s commercial centre. The sustainable approach to construction is based on the "nearly zero energy building" standard. Solar cells are used to generate electricity for the buildings, forming the city’s first landlord-to-tenant electricity supply system, and a high degree of wheelchair accessibility will also be ensured for the residents.

In March 2023, the foundation stone was laid for the high-rise building with 12 floors and 54 apartments - the first high-rise to be built in Evershagen since the reunification of Germany. The decision to build it reflects the increasing demand for living space in the city and the shortage of suitable land. The construction of the new development with its 150 apartments and 100 parking spaces is expected to be completed in 2026.

Photo of laying of foundation stone: WG Schifffahrt-Hafen