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Award for sustainable design concept

"Together with our clients and partners, we work to promote sustainability for the sake of future generations. We are delighted to have received the HTG Sustainability Award, which we see as recognition of our wide-ranging professional expertise."

Tobias Günzl is Head of Hydraulic Engineering and Waterway Construction. He has worked at Inros Lackner for 24 years. With his extensive expertise and dedication, he has played a leading role on various projects in the field of onshore power supply systems.


What particularly impressed the jury and led to the company’s being presented with the 2023 HTG Sustainability Award?
I think what especially impressed the jury was the modular scalability of our onshore power supply systems. Their versatility of use sets them apart as a solution to the important challenge of implementing onshore power supply systems in European ports. Their modular design enables them to be efficiently adapted to suit different types of harbour infrastructure and they are currently being used in various projects, such as the Aarhus container terminal in Denmark. I am delighted that our work in this field has been recognised by the jury.

Are there any specific aspects that were highlighted as being particularly pioneering?
Our solution combines IEC-compliant design with needs-based application. A single system can meet the needs of several ships simultaneously, depending on their individual sizes and actual power consumption. This innovative approach enables costs to be substantially reduced, both in terms of system infrastructure and of the provision of power grid connectivity. This key aspect was central to our submission, and the jury recognised its significance.

What does the award mean to the team?
Winning the sustainability award is a special acknowledgement of our team’s efforts. We are all thrilled! Every day, we focus on developing resource-saving and CO2-reducing solutions. Our work designing and building onshore power supply systems enables us to make a real impact in this regard. Throughout Germany, Inros Lackner has more references than any other company in the design of onshore power supply systems. The key factor here is our interdisciplinary teamwork, with everyone, from electrical engineers to hydraulic engineers, making his or her own specialist contribution.