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A new “career work time” model for our staff

Discover the world! Spend time with your children! Retire early!

Since 1st August 2017, INROS LACKNER has offered staff the chance to open a “career work time account” - a time-based account on which time off work may be saved for future use. The individual structuring of time budgets also enables working time reductions to be purchased. The working relationship remains otherwise unchanged; the employee remains socially insured and receives the corresponding salary. In this way, we are making available to our staff an innovative life planning model that has so far been offered by few German companies. The guidelines for these career work time accounts were established together with the company’s employees, and recorded in a special agreement. In cooperation with the insurance company R+V-Lebensversicherung AG, the legal requirement for insolvency-proof investment of credits could be met.

The long-term account makes it more a matter of course to take time off work, for example, for individual leaves of absence (sabbaticals) during the career, for paid leave of absence before the start of statutory pension, for time off work to care for relatives, for parenting time or for further education.