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Coastal protection works in West Africa
Creation of a master plan for the coast of Togo

The Togolese government has been placing a strong focus in recent years on the economic, infrastructural, ecological and social development of Togo’s coast. As part of a comprehensive investment plan for the country’s coastal strip, programs have been developed that consider the existing challenges related to ongoing coastal erosion, the effects of climate change, flooding, and pollution from marine and land sources.

Inros Lackner Togo was commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to create a master plan for the country's coast (SDAL), covering a total area of ​​936 km².  In order to analyse the current situation and the challenges, a centimetre-precise orthographic survey of the project area was carried out using a drone of the latest generation. The aim of the master plan is to identify challenges, to plan development measures and to define management strategies for various possible future scenarios.