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Flood protection in Bavaria
Presentation of the results of a study of alternative options

The Wernberg and Oberköblitz districts in Bavaria are prone to flooding, with about 27 hectares of built-up area at risk in a 100-year flood. The area requires to be protected, and the local waterways and foreland are to be enhanced from a natural landscape point of view with improved public accessibility. Inros Lackner is playing a key role throughout the project, with responsibility for preliminary and design planning, award of the contract and supervision of construction. The results of a study of alternative options to protect against a 100-year flood were presented in August 2019.

The design team modelled the area in question in a 2D hydraulic model and performed calculations for various runoff scenarios. The results were then used to plan and design the flood protection facilities.

In Oberköblitz, three options were evaluated, and one based on a combination of a flood protection wall and a dyke was selected. In Wernberg, two streams must be considered and included in the planning. The water from these, together with backwater from the main river, the Naab, would flood large parts of Wernberg in a 100-year flood. For the regulation of the streams and the backwater, different measures such as a return flow wall or flood retention basin are currently being evaluated, and Inros Lackner will supervise the decision-making process and the implementation right up until completion.