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Giant crane in Rostock Port
One of the world's largest heavy-duty cranes goes into service

Liebherr's TCC 78000 rail-mounted heavy-duty gantry crane can lift loads of up to 1,600 tonnes, is 164 metres high and weighs 5,500 tonnes. From its factory site at Pier III in Rostock Port, the crane can be moved all the way to the quayside at Berth 14 and used anywhere along the way. The addition of this high-end heavy-duty crane is a significant upgrade to the port’s infrastructure.

Inros Lackner was responsible for the design of the quay area in preparation for the installation of the crane, which has total cost of approximately 43 million euro. This included two deep-founded beams to carry the crane track, supported on a double row of bored piles. In total, 756 bored piles of diameter 930 mm were required, with lengths of between 18 and 23 metres – dimensions that, corresponding to the size and function of the crane, presented significant design challenges. The scope also included the relocation of a rainwater drain and the construction of two new manholes.

Photos: © Liebherr