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Grand opening of the new Bauhaus Museum in Dessau
With technical building systems designed by INROS LACKNER

The opening of the museum, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel present, is one of the highlights of the centenary year of Bauhaus. After two and a half years of construction, the museum was inaugurated with a ceremony on 8th September 2019. Inros Lackner was responsible for the design of the technical building systems of the new building, which was built at a cost of approximately 28 million euro. The public presentation in this building of the world's second largest Bauhaus collection requires highly sophisticated technical solutions. Ducting for electrical equipment was provided in the exposed concrete ceilings, and the technical equipment for the exhibition areas was designed to be flexible and independent. Key components of the energy concept include a combination of thermal mass activation and air conditioning systems to ensure climate stability, and natural ventilation of the spacious foyer with its transparent façade.

"The implementation of this sophisticated indoor climate concept makes possible, for the first time, the comprehensive public presentation of the Bauhaus Foundation’s valuable collection in Dessau – in particular its unique original artefacts from the 1920s and 1930s," says architect Dr. Ing. Haie-Jann Krause, Head of Complex Building Design at Inros Lackner SE, emphasizing the project’s great significance. Already in the architectural competition phase, the design by Gonzalez Hinz Zabala of Barcelona was a worldwide sensation. It represents – like Bauhaus itself – contemporary sustainability, efficiency and entire generations of construction.

Photos opening and architecture: ©Thomas Meyer/OSTKREUZ