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Inauguration of the Pinneberg Western Bypass
Relief route opened to traffic

After four years of construction, the third and final section of the western bypass of Pinneberg in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein has now been completed. The new West Ring reduces traffic in Pinneberg’s inner city and connects junction “Pinneberg North” on the A23 autobahn with local route 103. As well as serving an urban development function, the western bypass also forms an inter-municipal road connection, linking the "Am Hafen" commercial area to the region’s main road network. At the inauguration ceremony, Mayor Urte Steinberg noted that many different interests were considered and repeatedly discussed in developing the proposals – pros and cons from the perspectives of urban and rural areas and of supporters and opponents. More than 50 years have passed since the first plans were proposed.

On this project, Inros Lackner was responsible for both project management and construction management. Particular attention was paid to the work in the River Pinnau’s FFH (Fauna-Flora-Habitat directive) area and to nature conservation in general. In addition, the project team faced special challenges relating to the sensitivity to vibrations of nearby industrial companies, the bridges over the Pinnau and a Deutsche Bahn AG railway line, and the scheduling of the various construction phases.