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New port facilities in the Comoros
Environmental protection study for archipelago in the Indian Ocean

The Comoros are a federal island nation in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar. As part of the "COMOROS: Inter-Island Connectivity Project", which is funded by the World Bank, the connectivity between the islands and the mainland is to be improved by means of new port facilities, thereby contributing to the country’s economic and social development. A new main port will be built on the island of Moheli in the coming years, including two quay walls and a breakwater. Following completion of construction, which is currently scheduled for 2045, oil tankers, cargo ships, passenger ships and fishing boats will be able to dock here. Smaller port facilities, including for passenger traffic, are being built on the neighbouring islands.

On behalf of the Ministry of Maritime and Air Transport of the Comoros, Inros Lackner was responsible for the environmental and social study required for the financing. Inros Lackner carried out the study for the main port on Moheli, and developed the environmental and social management framework for the three secondary ports. Among other things, a coral reef of length 350 m was assessed, along with 20 different species of macroinvertebrates and various types of algae, mussels and crustaceans. The resulting recommendations were compiled in an eco-design and serve to preserve the well-developed local biodiversity during the planned construction work.