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New school for Dresden
The school’s technical building systems are being designed by Inros Lackner SE.

The new location of second level school no. 151, for approximately 672 students and 45 teachers, is on a main transport artery in the Neustadt part of Dresden. The main structure will enclose a large protected schoolyard, and will connect directly to the two-field sports hall which will be used for school as well as club sports. Inros Lackner’s team in Dresden is responsible for the design of the school’s heating and ventilation systems, sanitary facilities, electrotechnology, lifts and measurement and control systems – a task that comes with particular demands due to the school’s location on two busy roads and beside a railway line. The ventilation of classrooms and noise protection present especially demanding challenges in relation to the required Technology.

The new three-storey building will comply with all applicable standards of the current German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and Renewable Energy Heat Act (EEWärmeG). District heating from heat-power cogeneration will be the primary source of thermal heat, and a solar power system with a capacity of approximately 45 kWp will also be integrated for the school’s electricity supply.

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