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Pinneberg’s Western Bypass
First section of new relief road now open.

In December 2018, the first 1.5-kilometer section of the new bypass of the town of Pinneberg in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein was opened, relieving traffic congestion in the town. The politicians that attended the opening ceremony noted in their speeches that it is an important goal of the state to consistently maintain existing infrastructure and to expand it as necessary. As well as promoting urban development, the new road also improves inter-town connectivity. In particular, the nearby "Am Hafen" industrial area is now better connected to the region’s major road network, and further industrial areas are being developed.

As lead engineer on the project, Inros Lackner is responsible for both project and site management. Particular attention has been required from the start in relation to the FFH (Flora Fauna Habitat) area in the floodplains of the River Pinnau, and to nature conservation in general. In addition, special challenges were presented by the area’s soil conditions, by the need to work in an industrial area where vibrations must be minimised in order to avoid impacting on precision engineering work, by the bridges required to cross the Pinnau and a Deutsche Bahn railway line from Kiel to Hamburg, and by the scheduling of the work. Completion of the last section is planned for the late summer of 2019.