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Reconstruction after cyclone
Rehabilitation of destroyed school infrastructure in Mozambique

Cyclone Idai hit the coast of central Mozambique in mid-March 2019, causing severe damage to the region’s public infrastructure. Sofala province was particularly hard hit, with over 2,350 conventional classrooms damaged and almost 800 so-called “precarious” locally self-constructed classrooms completely destroyed. In response to the storm damage, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany made funds available, through the KfW Development Bank, for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the schools. The comprehensive renovation project also includes administration buildings and sanitary facilities. The increased structural stability of the reconstructed buildings will strengthen the resilience of the school infrastructure against future natural disasters, in accordance with the “Build Back Better” (BBB) ​​principle.

Inros Lackner was commissioned by KfW in August 2021 to provide planning and design services for eight of the particularly affected schools in the Beira and Buzi districts. The services also include the preparation of tender documentation and the supervision of construction work.