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Renaturation project on Borkum Island
Supervision of environmental compensation measures

The expansion of offshore wind farms and their connection to the on-land power grid requires sustainable environmental management. Transmission system operator TenneT is currently implementing compensation measures on the German island of Borkum in the North Sea, and Inros Lackner was commissioned as General Planner for two renaturation projects. In the sanctuary of the island’s national park, a natural sandy beach is to be restored. Old road remains, approx. 1,000 t of material, are to be removed and properly disposed of, and the renaturation of the access route through the Ronde Plate area is to be planned and monitored. The tidal creeks in this area currently pass through pipe culverts, and the access route was constructed of stone and rubble. In the course of this project, the pipes are to be removed and the tidal creeks opened up again. The stone is to be removed and properly disposed of. As a replacement, a wooden walkway is to be built by the end of the year.