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Start of construction in Lübeck
Temporary bridge over the Trave Canal

The historic Mühlentor Bridge in Lübeck was built in 1898 and today still forms an important connection between the city centre and the southern part of the city. It crosses the Trave Canal, which connects to the Elbe-Lübeck Canal. After more than 120 years of service, the bridge required to be extensively renovated or else replaced by a new structure. During the construction period, a temporary bridge will facilitate pedestrian and cycle traffic. The new structure has been designed as a steel bridge with a total length of approx. 80 m. The bridge piers, and the protective dolphins which will prevent impacts from shipping traffic, are being constructed using deep-founded tubular steel piles.

The planning, design and construction are strongly influenced by the space limitations imposed by the parks on both sides of the waterway and by the requirement to maintain shipping traffic. On behalf of the City of Lübeck, Inros Lackner is responsible for designing the temporary bridge and monitoring the fabrication of the new steelwork. Following the proposal of an alternative solution during the construction award process, it was decided to use a “system solution” based on standardised elements and design instead of the anticipated steel superstructure. Construction work commenced in December 2022.