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Team sports, not only in the office
achieving more together!

Good teamwork is vitally important for successful implementation of projects. As a company, we live and promote this principle - and not only in our daily work. In participating in this year’s annual STADTRADELN cycling competition in Rostock, for instance, our team of 82 people cycled a total of 16,292 kilometres in four weeks - a distance that would stretch all the way to China. With that, Inros Lackner took 2nd place in a field of 193 teams - a wonderful achievement that reflects the dedication and performance of all our team members. Participating in the competition also contributes to climate protection, providing a strong incentive to improve our personal eco-balance and motivating us to cycle more regularly as a mode of transport. An important and sustainable step that we support by providing company bicycles and cycle-friendly infrastructure.

Our team spirit is also reflected in many other sporting activities. We take part in corporate running challenges throughout Germany, together overcome hurdles of all sorts on obstacle courses, or participate in dragon boat races. Our IL football teams also regularly compete against each other and against other teams. Project work is team sport!