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Training centres in Senegal
Contract for a complex educational project in West Africa

In six cities in Senegal, innovative educational centres – with a focus on agriculture and the food industry – are being planned on behalf of the Educ'action Group. These will provide new prospects for the future, creating jobs and making a contribution to local animal breeding, horticulture, beekeeping and agricultural production. Inros Lackner is responsible for project management and financial aspects on the project, and will also have responsibility for construction supervision during the construction phase. The project is being planned and designed on a land area of 100 hectares, of which 5 hectares will be used for educational buildings, accommodation, offices and facilities for gastronomic training and processing. The remaining 95 hectares will contain a water tower with capacity of at least 35 m³, drip and pivot irrigation systems, greenhouses and breeding facilities.

Special emphasis is being placed on the use of sustainable energies, and the centres will be self-sufficient in their production for both national and international markets. Work on the project is to begin in the coming months, and a first centre is expected to open in early 2023.