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Partnership for maritime logistics

Best Practices – Hafen Lomé

Inros Lackner has been supporting the development of the port of Lomé since 1960 with comprehensive expertise in hydraulic engineering and port logistics. The port's rapid development as an important hub in the West African maritime transport sector and its adaptation to international operating standards require continuous further development.

In a significant step towards improving operational standards in the port of Lomé, HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Inros Lackner have initiated a joint project, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Project initiation and SWOT analysis
The project began with an assessment of the current conditions in the port of Lomé. HPC and Inros Lackner carried out a comprehensive SWOT analysis focussing on international competitiveness, port economics, operational and administrative processes as well as personnel and training requirements. The central topics were bulk handling and digitalisation. The evaluation was finalised with a terms of reference in March 2024.

Training programmes and leadership study trip
As part of the project, training programmes were initiated for local staff to improve their skills and knowledge in the areas of digitalisation and modern port logistics. These training programmes strengthen the international competitiveness of the port of Lomé and ensure that employees are familiar with the latest technologies and best practices. The leadership study trip took the participants to the ports of northern Germany. They were also welcomed at the Inros Lackner SE site in Bremen.

Impact and future prospects
The partnership between HPC, GIZ, Inros Lackner and the port of Lomé will significantly improve the operational efficiency and safety standards of the port of Lomé, as well as its digital performance. This is another important step for the port of Lomé as an innovative hub in the West African maritime transport sector.