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Cambodia: 3D model of steel structure

Techo International Airport

In Phnom Penh, Techo International Airport is currently being built on a total area of around 2,600 hectares. Inros Lackner Cambodia has developed an as-built 3D surface model of the supporting steel structures of the Head House and the Northwest Pier. These models are crucial for the design and manufacture of the interior and exterior cladding as well as for the integration of MEP services. The Head House and the Northwest Pier cover a total area of 12 hectares. The Inros Lackner team used the 3D laser scanner Trimble X7 to scan the structures. More than 100 trillion survey points were collected from about 2,000 instrument stations. The collected data was then processed into a precise 3D surface model using Autodesk Revit software. Completion of the international airport with the highest standards is planned for 2025.