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  • Client: Kuwait Fire Service Directorate K.F.S.D

Visualization Kuwait Fire Academy


Firefighting Academy, Kuwait 

Non-structural development and design

The Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) is planning the development of its training centre into a state-run academy. National and international fire services training and further education will be provided here, in a central location. As part of a consortium including Profinet GmbH, the German Fire Protection Association and the local firm Jassim Qabazard Engineering Consultants, Inros Lackner won the internationally tendered contract and is now supervising the non-structural development and new construction of the firefighting academy.In a first step, a feasibility study was performed, and based on this, a master plan was created for the development of the study programme and the new construction of the academy. In the next step, Inros Lackner will manage the tendering and contract award phases, and the technical building equipment will be adapted to suit the particular requirements of fire services training. For the design and construction, a timeframe of five years is anticipated.

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