Key data

  • Client: Landestalsperrenverwaltung des Freistaates Sachsen, Betrieb Elbaue/Mulde/Untere Weiße Elster
  • Planning: Commenced 2009
  • Construction: Commenced 2013
  • Scope of planning:

    Support in relation to nature conservation issues
    Establishing of prevention and mitigation measures
    Water body re-naturalisation by revamping the Schwarzbach 

Flood protection facilities, Saxony
Urban flood protection

The River Schwarzbach’s flood prevention concept calls, among other measures, for the construction of a flood protection facility in the town of Bad Düben, to protect the adjacent commercial area and the B 183 highway from flood events. Following an intensive design optimisation process, it was decided to construct flood protection barriers along both sides of the water body, to be integrated in the landscape – e.g. through the planting of greenery on pathways, embankments and construction sites and the provision of an arable border.

Notable features of the area in question:

  • Location in the “Schwarzbachniederung mit Sprottabbruch” natural flora/fauna habitat
  • Location in the “Dübener Heide” nature park
  • Presence of protected biotopes in accordance with state nature protection laws
  • Presence of habitat types in accordance with Appendix II of the European Union's Habitats Directive
  • Proven presences of beavers (species in accordance with Appendix II of the EU's Habitats Directive)

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