Key data

  • Client: Hafencity GmbH, Hamburg
  • Planning: seit 2010
  • Construction: seit 2012
  • Contract price: approx. 30 million euro
  • Scope of planning:

    Surveying of existing situation and condition
    Approval design

“HafenCity Ost”, Hamburg
Transformation of Baaken Harbour

In the eastern part of the “Hafencity” (or “Harbour City”) development on the north bank of the Norderelbe river in Hamburg, exclusive new residential and commercial premises are being built. To accommodate this, parts of the harbour basin are being filled, the piers are being renovated and bridges are being built across the water. As part of its role in managing the approvals process, Inros Lackner is preparing and supporting the design approval procedures required by water resource regulations. These relate, in particular, to the redesign of Baaken Harbour, the preparation of land development plans and the required modifications to the city of Hamburg’s land-use zoning plan. One special focal point of the work is the construction of a recreation island in Baaken Harbour, including the development of appropriate compensation measures.


  • Assistance in contract award and supervision of the ecological expert reporting (terrestrial/aquatic) required by urban land-use planning and water resource regulations
  • Project management and approvals management (relating to construction and water resource regulations)
  • Support of the developer during the required discussions with the city and environment authority of the state of Hamburg
  • Scheduling and developer support in relation to procedure selection, assignment and acceleration measures

Title picture/Photo: Fotofrizz, Source: HafenCity Hamburg GmbH

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