Key data

  • Client: Bremischer Deichverband am Rechten Weserufer
  • Planning: 2008 - 2011
  • Scope of planning:

    Scoping study
    Environmental impact assessment document including analysis aimed at balancing impacts and compensatory measures

Land protection dyke, Bremen
Increasing the height of flood protection structures

In the updated general coastal protection plan of the German states of Niedersachsen and Bremen, which considered rising secular sea levels, new design floods were defined. In large parts of Bremen, the existing flood protection structures are continuing to be increased in height. In accordance with the scoping study performed by Inros Lockner, the company also performed an environmental impact assessment, including an analysis aimed at balancing impacts and compensatory measures.

The assessment included impacts on:

  • human health (emissions control)
  • animals, plants, biodiversity and the twaite shad fish as target species of the adjacent FFH (flora-fauna-habitat) area “Weser zwischen Ochtummündung und Rekum”
  • the landscape and cityscape (open space planning and recreation demands)
  • the earth and groundwater as a result of possible contamination

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