Key data

  • Client: Karachi Port Trust, Pakistan
  • Planning: 2006 - 2012
  • Scope of planning:

    Feasibility study
    Preliminary design
    Design development
    Detailed design
    Prequalification of tenderers
    Assistance in contract award

Karachi Port road connection, Pakistan
Transportation planning services

The implementation of major port-related projects brings with it a need for extensive transportation planning measures to deal with the increased traffic that results. Inros Lackner was appointed to perform feasibility studies and detailed designs for the port-related traffic. In a first phase, the feasibility of a connection of the new deep-water port to the new cargo handling and trade centre, “Cargo Village”, was assessed, by evaluating various alternatives. In 2011, a contract to update and extend this study was awarded. Considering also traffic that is not port-related, ways of connecting the port area to the regional highway network were assessed, in order to relieve the traffic pressure on the key eight-lane roads in the 15 million-metropole, Karachi.

A currently preferred option foresees the following connectivity:

  • Pakistan’s first cable-stayed bridge, which will cross the port entrance with a clear height of approximately 60 m, a main span of about 470 m and a total length of 870 m
  • Approach structures to the cable-stayed bridge with a gradient of 3.5 %, each with a length of 1.6 km, resulting in 3.2 km of additional bridge length
  • A viaduct across the main part of the shallow water areas, with a length of approximately 4.5 km 
  • Road embankments and four road junctions

The conceptual design for the roads and bridges was done in accordance with AASHTO regulations. Services relating to detailed design, tendering and assistance in contract award are to be provided in a second phase following selection of the preferred option.

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