Key data

  • Client: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer
  • Planning: 2014 - 2015
  • Construction: 2015
  • Contract price: 6 million euro
  • Scope of planning:

    Project design
    External areas
    Design of engineering structures
    Design of transportation facilities
    Structural design
    Technical equipment
    Soil mechanics, earthworks and ground engineering


    Preliminary design
    Design development
    Approval design
    Detailed design
    Preparation of tender documents

Development of HafenCity’s surrounding areas, Hamburg
Redesign of Ferdinandstor Crossing

As residential and commercial use of property in Hamburg’s HafenCity development increases, so too do traffic volumes in the area. In the course of a wider project to develop HafenCity’s surrounding areas, the critically important Ferdinandstor Crossing is being redesigned. The crossing is located in the city centre, connecting the land projections that separate the Inner Alster and Outer Alster lakes and thereby forming an important east-west connection. During the course of the modification works, the traffic lanes at this traffic hub were redesigned in order to improve turning possibilities, traffic signaling was completely renewed, and cycle traffic facilities were improved.

The planning of construction-phase traffic management presented as big a challenge as the design of the final works. In cooperation with the Hamburg firm BKP, Inros Lackner planned a properly functioning traffic management scheme, with due consideration of ongoing rehabilitation works at the Wallring Tunnel and other construction projects in the area.

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