Key data

  • Client: Rostocker Straßenbahn AG/ Hansestadt Rostock
  • Planning: 2007 - 2012
  • Construction: 2010 - 2012
  • Contract price: 23.3 million euro
  • Scope of planning:

    Project design for transport facilities - road, rail and bus park
    Engineering structures
    Structural design
    Environmental planning/design, landscape management planning
    Technical Equipment
    Soil Investigation
    Flood protection
    Expert Reports
    Planning approvals

Inner city junction, Rostock
Development of transportation connectivity

The development of land-based transportation connectivity in Warnemünde was of great significance for the cruise ship business in Rostock, and also for the Aker shipyard (“Werft”) that is located there and the commercial areas to its south. A new crossing structure was built, as an optimal solution to the challenges at this critical transportation node. The structure connects the suburban railway stop "Warnemünde Werft", the crossing of the Werftallee road with railway track, the southern connection to the B103 road and the connection to the existing tram network near the approach to the Aker shipyard. The robust new bridge structure carries cars and buses to the ferry terminal and heavy load transports to the shipyard. A tunnel was constructed for pedestrians and cyclists, and passenger transfer to and from city and regional bus lines and suburban rail services was optimised. Three new bus stops were also built, as were new platforms for the Werft train station.  

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