Key data

  • Client: Betrieb für Bau und Liegenschaften Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Planning: 2008 - 2012
  • Construction: 2008 - 2013
  • Scope of planning:

    Feasibility study
    Preliminary design
    Design development
    Approval design
    Detailed design
    Site supervision

Campus, University of Rostock
Technical infrastructure

In the first phase of a project to reconstruct and develop the complex infrastructure of the campus of the University of Rostock, a feasibility study was carried out in relation to the overall provision of services, including a revitalisation of the campus property, considering other concurrent building projects. The study formed the basis for the redevelopment of the property’s services and transportation facilities, and for the implementation of the proposed works in individual phases. Further focal points of the technical planning and design work included extensive relocation of services in advance of construction works, development of a logistical concept for the use of roads by construction traffic, and coordination of other involved technical parties. 

The services provided related to:

  • Wastewater facilities
  • Water supply facilities
  • Private power supply facilities (transformer station)
  • Lightning protection and earthing facilities
  • Heat production facilities
  • Heat supply systems

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