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Ferry port, Puttgarden

Ferry bed conversion

Scandlines will be one of the first shipping companies to deploy a new-build all-electric ferry on the ferry route between Puttgarden and Rödby. The new generation of vessels will enter service for the first time in 2024 and will be deployed on the route together with the 4 existing hybrid ferries. The new electric double-ended ferry will carry 33 trucks each on the upper deck and the main deck. For the operation, ferry bed I in the port of Puttgarden will be converted so that the upper deck of the ship can also be loaded with trucks. In addition, new logistics areas for trucks will be created in the terminal area. Inros Lackner is responsible for the planning, the tendering and awarding of the construction lots in the negotiated procedure as well as the construction supervision. Inros Lackner is also planning the shore power supply for the ferries.


Scandlines Deutschland GmbH





Planning Scope

Preliminary design, approval and implementation planning, tendering and awarding of construction work, site management, local construction supervision