Key data

  • Client: Cochin Shipyard Ltd.
  • Planning: 2014 - 2019
  • Construction: 2015 - 2020
  • Scope of planning:

    Project planning and design
    Preparation of specifications
    Study relating to hydraulic modelling, sedimentation and excavated material disposal
    Cost estimation
    Structural design
    Tender documentation
    Tender evaluation
    Contract negotiations
    Project management

Cochin Shipyard, India
Modernisation and shiplift construction

Cochin Shipyard is the largest shipbuilding and ship repair facility in India. Renovation and expansion works were required in order to ensure its ongoing international competitiveness. These included, among other measures, the construction of an international ship repair facility, the building of a shiplift with associated transport systems (platform size 120 m x 25 m, ship weight (displacement) max. 6000 t, max. load 80 t /m ), and the construction of two quays and new infrastructure facilities.

The 42-hectare property has an 800-metre waterfront. The existing facilities included an 86-metre quay, a dry dock (66 x 12.5 x 4 m) and repair workshops that were built in 1938. Inros Lackner, in a leading role in a consortium that also included TATA Consulting Engineers, provided consultancy services during the project’s planning and execution stages.

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