Key data

  • Client: Klaipeda State Seaport Authority, Litauen
  • Planning: 2011
  • Construction: 2012 - 2030
  • Scope of planning:

    Analysis of existing port infrastructure and facilities
    Proposal and justification of port development projects
    Plan to improve competitiveness
    Optimisation concept for port management

Klaipeda Seaport, Lithuania
Short- and long-term development plan

In order to support the sustainable development of the Klaipeda Seaport in Lithuania, Inros Lackner developed both a short-term and a long-term development plan for a programme of works within the port perimeters, and established the planning and design basis for a necessary port expansion. As well as assessing the port’s infrastructure and facilities, ways of improving the port’s general competitiveness and its management were also considered. The following focal points were defined:

  • Analysis of existing port infrastructure and facilities (terminals, roads and railways, sea access canal, etc.)
  • Determination of maximum cargo handling capacities
  • Establishing and justification of the planning (cost benefit analysis) of port development projects with respect to port infrastructure and new terminals
  • Analysis of the port’s existing competitiveness in relation to its main competitors in the Baltic Sea region and its internal port management structure
  • Creation of a development plan for the port‘s management structure

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