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Railway engineering

Railway engineering

Extension and modernisation of rail networks

The track networks of tram and railway systems are indispensable for the transport of people and goods. They must be considered accordingly in the process of interconnecting transport routes.

Improving mobility should include the interconnection of all main forms of transportation – air, road, water and rail. The extension and development of transport infrastructure is an important task. For every type of rail-bound traffic system, we offer a wide range of engineering services – from new construction, modification or maintenance of track networks (railway or tram) to platform facilities, transshipment stations, workshops, and intelligent transportation and traffic systems. Planning and design work is carried out in consultation with safety engineering and power supply experts.


Upgraded lines and new lines Construction phase planning As-built documentation Drainage Underground cable engineering Industrial, factory and port railways Superstructure design Design reviews Suburban, underground and city railways Civil engineering Transshipment stations Terminals Railway structure engineering (noise barriers, retaining walls, bridges, culverts) Services relating to authorised submission of building documents Railway construction site supervision