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Traffic engineering/Mobility

Traffic engineering/Mobility

Planning mobility to meet demand

The quality of a society’s transport infrastructure is a major factor in its social and economic development.

Together with you, we develop comprehensive strategies and proposals that intelligently and flexibly link all applicable mobility options. The prudent use of space – a finite resource – is of increasing significance in today’s world, as is the sensible integration of new transport infrastructure in existing urban and residential areas. Modern traffic engineering technology, such as signalling, traffic data processing, electronic signage and intelligent control systems, is used to optimise traffic flow. Traffic volumes on existing routes may be increased using intelligent traffic management systems. The simulation of traffic flows also enables the implementation of special measures to be optimised – for example, in the case of exceeding of a certain traffic density, or as may be appropriate for a dangerous section of road.


Construction-phase traffic management Dynamic simulations Control and safety technology Signalling systems Logistics plans Analysis of deficiencies Signage plans Mobility proposals Network planning Traffic diversion plans Traffic data analysis Traffic management proposals Economic feasibility calculations